Single Platform

  • Just moved here from D.C. the food here is the best we have had in Tampa over the last 2 weeks,we will be back soon.

    Clay J., Yelp

  • The best wings I’ve ever had. My boyfriend and his roommates introduced me to it because they used to pack up a car with all of them and drive 40 minutes to get wings. The sauces are fantastic and hot as heck. The people are great and the prices are good for the amount of food!

    Jessica S., Yelp

  • I personally certify this place as grade A+ delicious and hands down the best wings that’s ever graced God’s earth. I would fight anyone who said the sauces Wing King makes in not a gift to mankind and I scoff at the idea that anyone else has gizzards as crisp and amazing as they do. The prices are great, the meat is fresh, and even though they refuse to give me their sauce recipe, I love them. If I died eating their food, I’d die a happy man.

    Brett M., Yelp

  • Best wing’s I ‘ve ever had!all kind of flavors. Garlic teriyaki flavor is the best! Spicy garlic pepper is good too but it was very spicy for me..

    Nadine Z., Yelp